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Even though it seems we have only just got through Christmas – Spring is rapidly on the way! 

During the uncertainty of the Covid-19 Pandemic, a lot of us are now in self-isolation. As such, there is a great opportunity to get started on Spring Cleaning!  Spring cleaning is essential to keeping a clean and tidy home. It’s important to have a deep clean once a year at least – to rid yourself of dust and dirt – which will particularly benefit allergy sufferers. The most important place to start is to rid your home as best you can of clutter; this will make Spring Cleaning faster and easier.  Here are our 5 failsafe spring cleaning tips for Spring-Time.

5 Failsafe Cleaning Tips

     1.Planning it out

The first failsafe tip to a great spring clean is scheduling out what needs to be done. Scope out your home: Which rooms may take you the longest and require more work? Plan out what rooms you are going to clean when.

      2. Declutter

We have a blog written on decluttering your home. For all the best tips and tricks head to our Clutter-less New Year Blog.  Ultimately decluttering your home can benefit your mental and physical health as well as making it easier for yourself or a cleaner to clean your home on a regular basis

     3. Don’t forget the walls and windows!

Spring Cleaning is the perfect time to give much-needed attention to your windows, walls and blinds. Begin with a damp cloth (starting from the top) wiping all the dust and other dirt off them.

     4. Kitchen and the Bathroom

These are the biggest areas for dirt in most homes. But there is a great way to quickly hit these trouble areas.


  • Declutter your bathroom cabinets as these tend to get cluttered up over months. Throw away any expired and old items to leave your cupboards fresh and tidy.
  • If your shower has a curtain, now is the time to buy a new one and change it. 

Make Sure you check the extractor fans in both bathroom and kitchen. These could need replacing which is essential to prevent the build-up of moisture, damp and odour.


  • Go through your food cupboards and fridge and re-organise your food. Whilst doing so you can also wipe down your shelves. 
  • Wipe down the front of all cupboards, fridge, ovens.

    5.  Always work from top to bottom

When Spring Cleaning it is important to work from the ceiling to the floor. This forces dirt and dust downward and keeps you from sending it all up into the air and creating more work for yourself. 


5 Failsafe Cleaning Tips





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