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Here’s the scene: you have just ordered your new leather sofa. It is a time to be excited – you have ordered something that will last for a lifetime. Your new leather sofa will look better and more characterful as the years go by. You tell your friends about this new furniture, and what’s the first thing they say? “Hmm.. you know that a leather sofa is really hard to take care of, right?”

Let’s take that statement and analyse it. Yes, in theory, they can be a handful. But with the right care and attention, you can keep your leather sofa in great condition with no expensive services. Here at Belle Casa, we are always here to offer help for problems like this. So the focus of our blog this month is exactly that – how to care for your leather sofa. Then, as usual, let’s take the time and money you’ve saved and look at a local attraction to go to!

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Leather Sofa Cleaning

Leather is a hardy material. However, without regular cleaning, your new sofa will start to look worn out and like it has seen better days. Nevertheless, if cared for, will only get better over time.

You should put a little time aside each week to take care of your leather furniture, though you might need to up this to twice a week if your sofa sees a lot of use. Be sure to clean every part of your sofa, as there will most likely be a slight alteration in the colour of your leather when it has been treated. This way you’ll avoid having furniture with mismatched upholstery.

  • Use a soft cloth and go over the furniture to brush off any dirt or dust that has settled on the surface. Really get stuck in there! Get in all those nooks and crannies.
  • Next, use a damp cloth to wipe the upholstery of your sofa. It’s best to use distilled water if you can, as the chlorine in tap water can damage the finish on leather over time. Be careful though – leather does not take well to being soaked!
  • At least once every two to four weeks, use a specialised cleaning product to treat and cleanse your sofa. You must steer clear of using all-purpose wipes and sprays from the supermarket – they can contain chemicals that can damage your sofa. Instead, use a soft cleaner that is proven and tested to work on leather.
  • Always leave your sofa to dry naturally. And, obviously, avoid sitting on it until it is finished.

Regularly Condition your Leather Sofa

Your new leather sofa contains oils that need to be replenished from time to time. These oils help to keep the leather sofa soft and supple to touch. However, replenishing too often will diminish its natural qualities. Therefore, use a conditioner that is specialised for leather upholstery. Doing this on a monthly basis will prevent your furniture from drying out and cracking.

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Positioning is Key to keep your Sofa at it’s best

We’ve mentioned that conditioning your sofa helps to keep it soft and supple. But many people don’t realise that exposure to sunlight on an extended basis is one of the main reasons for dryness and cracking. Positioning your new suite in a spot away from windows that get a lot of sunlight, fireplaces, air conditioning units or radiators can preserve the look and condition its upholstery. Of course, it’s impossible for your settee to avoid light and heat completely, but minimising contact can really prolong its life.

Plump your Cushions Regularly

A new sofa, much like a freshly made bed, is a glorious thing! And one of the best things about a brand new leather sofa is how plump it is! Buffing keeps this plumpness and is also a great way of reducing the appearance of scratches and scuffs that your sofa will pick up with regular use. The easiest way to remember to do this is to do it immediately after cleaning.

Removing Wine Stains from your Leather Sofa

You can stop wine spills from setting on your leather sofa – but only if you are really quick! Start by removing excess wine by blotting it up with a clean cloth. Then mix up a solution of water and mild soap so there are plenty of suds. Use a sponge to apply JUST the foam to the spillage area, before dabbing away everything with another cloth and leaving to dry. Afterwards, condition your sofa all over to make sure it looks nice and even. If the wine stain is still visible, it’s wise to consult with a professional cleaner about removing it.

Leather Sofa Care Belle Casa

… so that’s all there is to it! Keep a regular maintenance schedule and your new leather sofa will always remain in tip-top condition! Now it is just the 10,000 other household chores to do! If you find it’s all a bit much and you would like a hand from one of Belle Casa’s expert and very friendly cleaners, just give us a call, or email us. We are more than willing and able to help. Our prices start at a very reasonable £16.75 per hour, and you get the same cleaner each time. This means they will do things just the way you like it!

One tip we obviously forgot to mention about how to keep your leather sofa in top nick is to not let the kids bounce around on it! It would be better to take them to Buckinghamshire’s finest trampoline park for that!

RUSH Trampoline Park

Fancy flinging yourself from the tops of balancing beams? Or challenging the whole family to a bouncy round of dodgeball? Do the lot and more at Rush High Wycombe.

Over 30,000 sq. ft, you can take your pick of super springy and, in some cases, super silly fun. There are over 100 wall-to-wall trampolines where kids can burn off all of that excess energy before taking a turn down the tumble lanes. There are all the classic activities like battle beams and obstacle courses but for something a little different, take to the walking sticks where you leap from one foam column to another before dropping to the foam floor below.

Getting There and Contact Information

Address: Lexmark House, Coronation Road, Cressex Business Park, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP12 3TA, England

Contact: 01494 414128 Click here to visit the Rush Trampoline Park High Wycombe website





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