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We are in bug and flu season, and we all know how quickly germs spread throughout the family until the whole house gets the sniffles! Here are some great failsafe tips on what to clean to prevent further spread, and ensure the kids are back on their feet in no time!


Cleaning Tips During Flu Season

Changing the Hand Towels

Continue to change all the hand towels in the house daily. This is great to do throughout flu season that should prevent the spread through communal towels. 


Clean the Bathrooms

Even if it is only quickly, wipe down all surfaces in the bathroom (sink handles, toilet handles, door handles). This is a place where germs thrive and are likely to be passed on. Having a weekly cleaner can also really cut down the number of germs lingering in the bathroom


Cleaning Tips for Flu Season

Wipe down most-touched surfaces

Use a clean/new cloth or cotton pad with rubbing alcohol and rub down all the surfaces we touch daily. From the TV control to phones, game controllers, light switches, door handles to the fridge handle. Leather Sofas can also hold many germs, so ensure that is wiped down too.

Wash Bedding

Washing bedding to keep germs at bay is a must. Pillow Cases, in particular, are the most important. But ensure you wash sofa & bed blankets as well as bedding. This should be done daily when your child(ren) are sick. 

Hand Washing

Remind the kids about the importance of handwashing. Also, wash your own hands regularly particularly after cleaning up. Try and contain any tissues to a plastic bin (lined with a plastic bag) so that you can throw them straight out to prevent the spread of germs.


For when the kids are feeling better…


A Great Day Out at Bletchley Park

The Whole family can expect a fun-filled day exploring the museums and discovering all about the secretive codebreakers that worked at Bletchley Park during WW2. They have plenty on in their upcoming family events including free workshops.


Bletchley Park






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