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Decluttering your house can seem like a very tedious job to take on… but whether you like it or not, it’ll make you feel a whole lot more organised. Imagine all your bits and bobs finally having a place in your home! Not just stuffed into a random drawer or left in a bag down the side of your wardrobe. Everything will have its own place. Why are you holding on to some of this clutter anyway? Having a ‘just in case’ mentality will only lead you down a more cluttered road. It needs to go. And here’s how you do it.

Get rid of the things you just don’t need!

Find yourself something that you can designate as your junk basket. Start in your bedroom, as that’s probably the place where you’re keeping most of the items that you keep, but have no use for. Once you’ve started working your way around the house, you’ll get the hang of it. From anything, you haven’t used in years, to things that have no purpose at all… get rid of them. Or even better, donate them to charity, or to a friend or family member. The choice is yours.

Take those items back to their homes

Any items that have found their way out of their original homes, put them back where they belong. Whether it’s a pair of socks still hung over the radiator, or a coffee mug still in the bathroom… move them back to their designated spots. You’ll find that this will probably be a bigger job that you would’ve expected, but it will free up small amounts of space you never knew you had or needed. Belle Casa are Buckinghamshire’s TOP domestic cleaning service! Get in touch for a FREE no quibble quotation – or see our FAQ’S here.

Recycle the millions of pieces of paper lying around

Everyone has that one pile of a million papers, that they never seem to throw away, despite not knowing what on earth they’re for. Well, the time has come for you to take a quick look through them, and if they’re unimportant (which they probably are), chuck them in a recycling bin. If you find that there are quite a few important personal papers, put them into a folder and tuck them away under your desk, or in a drawer. Somewhere accessible, but out of the way. You will find that the majority of these papers can be disposed of straight away. An organised desk results in an organised mind!

Commit fully and reasonably

There’s no point in just doing a half job. It will only result in the clutter building up again, and you will most probably end up going to your old ways and having a messy home again. If you think you may be someone who could go down this road, then start off slowly, and declutter in pieces. If you want, deal with one reasonable sized task at a time. Hopefully, this will prevent you from getting overwhelmed. No need to rush it. Try and give yourself a reasonable amount of time to take on these tasks. That way, you don’t rush and make a mess of things. Whatever suits you best.

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What can I benefit from decluttering?

One of the positives that can come from decluttering, is health improvements. You’re probably wondering how decluttering your things can have an impact on your health. But it’s quite simple to understand. Clutter acts like a dust magnet. Which can lead to creating homes for mice and other creatures you certainly do not want in your home! With decluttering stopping this, the air in your house will become cleaner, and you and your family will be improving your health. Getting rid of all your clutter is not a quick and easy job for anyone. But we promise you it will not only make your life easier but also make you feel better. All the cleaning will be worth it in the end!

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