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It’s past Spring – and for many, it’s time for a Summer deep home clean. The bags are unpacked, the children are back to school and it’s time to get everything back in order. If you’re using the cleaning services of Belle Casa, you can relax, but we know that some of you do love cleaning and tips from our experts!

We think this month’s cleaning tip will come in handy for anyone struggling for extra space. We’ve noticed that many customers find storing bedding a real pain – and it can make even the tidiest cupboards a real jungle. Our top tip is to fold your sheets, and then insert them into the matching pillowcases. You can even add in additional sheets, comforters and decorative cushion covers for a complete grab and go set. This makes the whole set incredibly easy to store. Don’t forget to iron your sheets before you pack them away- not only are they easier to fold, but they feel much nicer. If there are some wrinkles when you unpack them,  lightly mist them with water (you can add essential oils for a nice fragrance) and they’ll soon come out. A tight ‘hospital’ style fold on the covers will complete the look and ensure no wrinkles, perfect for a long night of perfect sleep!

Of course, if you’re using our cleaning or ironing service, you’ll be all set with the perfect bedding already! So, with your free time, go have some fun! We’ve explored some great areas around Beaconsfield, and next on our list is a real classic – Cliveden.

Summer Parterre David Watson Clivesden House P Watson

With stunning views that reach over the River Thames, Cliveden is a wonderful place to visit and is a great day out when the sun shines, but even with a bit of drizzle, it’s well worth a look. The real draw here is the magnificent topiary and lawns. There are over 375 acres of garden to be precise, great for burning off some energy, and the Cliveden Blue walking trail is a wonderful route for children, coming in at around 1.5 miles in the woodland. Dogs are allowed, but check the website before you head off with Fido so you can plan the right route.

If the name sounds familiar, or you remember it from childhood, you will surely be thinking of Cliveden Maze, a beautiful area which is made up of over 1,000 trees! It’s just as wonderful and great for all the family.

Clivesden Maze

Speaking of trees now is the ideal time to visit. Right now, youngsters can go wild at Cliveden with the free climbing sessions being run by The Big Tree Climbing Company. From the 20th of May right through to the 26th of August, family members aged 6 and over can try their hand at climbing at Cliveden. Under the guidance of experts, they can tackle a zip wire to zoom down and have plenty of fun on a rope swing.

If you fancy something a little more sedate, why not take a punt out on the River Thames? Cliveden allows you to hire a rowing or motor boat, or sit back and take it all in on a 45-minute cruise. Tickets for river cruises can only be purchased at the Information Centre in the main visitor car park and prices start from £6 for a child to £11 for an adult – Mr Darcy not included!

After your activity, don’t forget the cafe! You can stop at the Orangery Cafe, which is open daily 10 am – 5.30pm and pick up some lunch which is served from 12 noon to 2.30pm. Sausage and mash, crumbles and tarts are all on the menu, or you could pop to the Dovecote Coffee Shop for afternoon tea and big thick wedges of traditional cake! If you aren’t too full – perhaps follow up with a trip to pick up some jams and chutneys in the National Trust Gift Shop, full of unusual and interesting gifts.

Clivesden Jam Clivesden Scones

There is on-site parking available and the charge is included in admission price, another great hassle free help! So, why not give it a whirl? A classic house and National treasure, we’re sure when you leave the cleaning to us, you’ll have a wonderful time at Cliveden!


Cliveden Road, Taplow

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