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Find answers to queries about our services and housekeepers.

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To make an appointment at a suitable time for one of our representatives to visit your home and discuss your individual requirements, please telephone us on 01494 520420.
This appointment lasts approximately 15-20 minutes.
Yes, at your request we will allocate a Housekeeper to you that is able to provide this service.
Yes there is, but this is only a three month agreement.      

One months notice will be required in writing in order for you to cancel our service.

Two hours fortnightly. Typically we find that many clients sign up for the two hour weekly service along with an additional ½ hour ironing.
All our Housekeepers are covered for public liability and personal injury while in your home.
Our Housekeepers can use either the equipment and products provided by yourself, or we can use our own. However, in a survey carried out by Belle Casa, it showed that over 90% of our clients preferred this. It not only keeps down the cost, but also ensures that our housekeepers use the products that you have found best suits your floors/ work surfaces/furniture.  This ensures that you will be 100% happy with the cleaning products being used in your house. 
By using your vacuum cleaner we also ensure that no animal hair is transferred between houses.



Very thoroughly and very carefully. Our recruitment process is designed to be very selective and ensure that the Housekeeper has suitable experience, good communication skills and is comfortable with answerphones (should they need to leave you a message at any time). 
All potential Housekeepers are interviewed in their own homes so that we know the standards of their own cleaning and get an idea of their background. One criteria of the interview is “would we be happy to allow this person in to clean our house”, and only if they pass this do we then take up full references and perform all relevant ID checks. Not until we are 100% satisfied that the Housekeeper meets our rigorous standards do we allow them to register as a Belle Casa Housekeeper.
It usually takes between 2 and 10 working days depending upon your area and our workloads.
We appreciate that human nature being as it is, we do not always get along with everyone. Therefore please let us know, we have an extensive pool of Housekeepers and we are sure that one of them will suit you perfectly.
Yes, we ask for a first and second choice day (just in case your first choice is not available at present). You may leave the choice of day to us if you wish.
Our Housekeepers are instructed to let you know if they are ill and they would most likely arrange another suitable time to carry out the service for you. If there are occasions where this is inconvenient, then please contact the office and we will do our best to provide a temporary Housekeeper.
Yes, we believe that it provides consistency for both yourself and the Housekeeper.  The Housekeeper will become accustomed to your individual requirements, and tailor a cleaning programme suited to you. Your Housekeeper will provide you with their personal contact number so that you can communicate directly on any day to day matters.
We ask our Housekeepers to inform each of their clients at least 2 weeks in advance. The Housekeeper will ask if temporary cover is required and inform the office who will arrange this and inform you of the temporary Housekeeper allocated to you. (Most clients prefer not to have a service whilst their Housekeeper is on holiday, but temporary cover should be available if required).
We do always ask clients to allow the Housekeeper the first 2 or 3 cleans until they understand the flow of the house and work to maximum efficiency. Experience shows us that clients and Housekeeper usually discuss any problem directly for a speedy resolution, which can often be just a simple misunderstanding. We appreciate however that it is sometimes difficult to confront the Housekeeper yourself and we are there to resolve any problems and to provide a new Housekeeper if required.

Interested in discussing your requirement with us face to face? It would be our pleasure! Just fill in our form or call the office and we will be out to see you as soon as possible.