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The start of a New Year is a great time to have a house declutter. It can sometimes feel overwhelming and you can be unsure where to start. Here are some failsafe tips on how to declutter your home and some benefits to get you motivated.

Home Declutter Tips

Why should I declutter?

Save Money

As you Declutter you should find that having a minimalist decor proves to you what items you need in your home and which items you don’t. This should encourage you to think twice when making a purchase – particularly if you come across something you haven’t seen or used in years.


Easier to Clean and Tidy

This is the main reason most of us declutter. It means that deep cleaning around the house –for you or the house help– is far easier without lots of things in the way that can prevent you from doing so. You should also see improvements with dust build-up, and therefore some reduction in allergens, smell and can help conditions such as hay fever, asthma or eczema.


Reduce Stress, anxiety and Improves Sleep

Cluttered homes can often cause an overload of sensory information to the brain resulting in irritableness and increase in stress. Stress can also be brought on if you can’t find something within the home! Clutter around you before you sleep can also make it difficult for you to wind down at the end of the day.


Decluttering Tips


The Best Ways To Declutter

  • ‘12-12-12’ Challenge – locate 12 items to throw away, 12 to donate and 12 to be stored/returned to their optimal space 
  • Take before and after photos – this can be a great motivation to keep going i.e. seeing how much better it looks after your declutter!
  • Start with 5 minutes at a time – to prevent being overwhelmed, start with small areas of one room and then work up to other parts of the house
  • Get a friend or family member to help you – decluttering can take half the time with a friend or loved one helping you declutter. They can also help with perspective on what the home looks like, and what items you actually still need.


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