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Ironing may initially appear to be an easy and straightforward task, however, you will come across certain types of clothing that are more difficult because you have to manoeuvre around things like pleats and buttons. Belle Casa is your local, friendly, domestic cleaners and we are here to help you! Here are some top tips on how to iron like a pro… like Belle Casa.


    1. One of the hardest things to iron are pleats, ironing them incorrectly could misshapen the way the pleats are intended to look. Our top tip would be to pin the pleats down using a bobby pin or a paper clip. This then allows you to keep them in place while you iron over the area of the item.
      ironing pleats
    2. Certain sleeves on clothing like shirts can be difficult to iron without leaving creases. One hack is to use a rolled-up towel and place it inside of the sleeve. Then you will be able to press the fabric and not leave any creases behind.
      ironing sleeves


    1. Avoid ironing in circles! This can scratch the fabric and ultimately stretch it so that the item no longer fits properly. Instead, try to iron using parallel strokes in one direction and this should prevent any stretching on your clothing.
      how to iron


    1. Ironing around buttons can be very fiddly and annoying, right? If only you had some sort of shield so that you can easily avoid damaging them. Use a metal spoon, face-down to cover the button and iron around it.
      ironing around buttons


    1. One tip that may seem obvious but many people seem to skip is to CLEAN your iron. If you are using an iron that hasn’t been cleaned in a long period of time it can discolour your clothes and cause other damages by snagging the item.
      clean your iron

If you’re aware that your iron is in need of a scrub up, then here are some home products you can use to make it look brand new. White toothpaste, white vinegar or baking soda (add water to make a paste). Ensure your iron is empty, rub one of the substances onto the iron and wipe away with a clean cloth. Then, fill up your iron’s water tank and set it to steam for 5 minutes… done!

If you want one of our professional domestic cleaners to help you out with cleaning or ironingcontact us now. For more Belle Casa updates, visit our Facebook page.





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