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How do you feel when it comes to cleaning your home? Do you feel as though you’re always trying to catch up? Can’t seem to get ahead or get things done the way you’ve planned so in your head? Time to take control, and organise that clutter both inside and outside your mind.

A whole house to clean can become overwhelming. Toys everywhere, random pieces of paper stacked up in the office… we’ve all been there. But have you tried writing a simple but effective to-do list? One of the best ways to clear your mind and organise it is to get it all down in a list. A to-do list doesn’t forget what needs to be done!

According to the Guardian, Psychologist and Author Dr David Cohen believes that creating lists gives us structure, a plan that we can stick to, and are proof of what we have achieved in a day or a week or a month. There are many benefits to writing a to-do list. One benefit is that it creates order. You can plan out what needs doing and break them down into doable sizes. Starting with what’s most important, and knowing what to prioritise first. For example, you probably need to get those dishes cleaned first, so they don’t start to stack up even higher!

To-do lists will help you organise your time, and also help to delegate tasks that you may not be able to fit in. If you have a busy day of cleaning ahead, delegate certain tasks to some of your family members. Make sure to be realistic with the tasks you delegate not only to others but also to yourself. There’s no point writing on your list a million and one things you have to do that day… it’s just not going to happen! Be fair to yourself. If you don’t have time for a few extra house chores, there’s always tomorrow.

Not all lists have to be boring. You can write it down in a diary, or a lot of people’s favourite… the notes app on your phone. Another alternative; you can find some great free templates online if you’re struggling to plan it all out. A housecleaning to-do list for yourself, or for the whole family! Whatever works best for you, and whatever best fits the type of person you are.

Wondering what your list should look like and getting a bit overwhelmed? Here’s a brief, simple example of something you can work from:

  • Make beds.
  • Wash dishes OR put away in the dishwasher.
  • Unload and dry.
  • Hoover hallway.
  • Clean kitchen countertops.
  • Put things back in their place.

Of course, your list might be a little fuller and more intense, but that’s ok. Just tick off one at a time. If you’re struggling to think of what needs to be done, the Cleaning Business Academy provides all house cleaning tasks in all areas of the house. Why not go through the list and add certain tasks to your own?

Give it a go, you might surprise yourself and becoming the queen (0r King) of to-do lists, and smash through your chores ?





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