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Christmas – it almost seems an age ago now. The festivities are well and truly behind us and the Easter eggs are beginning to populate the shelves of every supermarket. Before the chocolatey madness that is Easter we are fast approaching Mother’s Day and the day where petrol stations flower sales go through the roof.

Joking aside Mother’s Day can be a stressful time for pretty much everyone in the family. We’ve got some tips for those potential Mother’s Day Mishaps that undoubtedly occur once every few years. Below are some quick smart tips that might just get you out of those stick situations with ease.

That Dreaded Wine Spillage?

It goes without saying that on Mother’s Day every Mum is entitled to a few glasses of vino and why not!? On occasions wine gets spilled and it can end up in a frantic operation to get it out of the sofa, carpet, grandchildren’s clothes – pretty much anywhere it shouldn’t be. Our first top tip is how to get Red Wine Stains out with ease.
Use A Vinegar Solution
Make your cleaning solution.

In a large bowl, mix 1 tablespoon (15 millilitres) of dish-washing liquid, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, and 2 cups (236 millilitres) of warm water. Stir to combine the three ingredients.

  • Only use white vinegar for this method. Other vinegar’s (like apple cider or balsamic vinegar) can cause their own stains.

Wet the stain with the mixture.

Soak a clean rag in the vinegar mixture, then dab it on to the stained part of the carpet. The mixture will seep into the carpet fibres, loosening the stain.

  • Use a second dry rag to blot up the liquid as you go. Alternate between dabbing on the vinegar solution and drying it up.

Wet the whole stain with cold water.

Now, soak a third rag in cold water and press it into to stain to dilute the wine. Alternatively, pour a little water directly onto the stain. Soak up the water by dabbing with your “drying” towel once again.

  • Repeat as needed. For maximum effectiveness, you may need to run through the steps above several times.

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We understand that it can be very hectic around Mother’s Day and if you’re a mother yourself the last thing you want to be doing is cleaning. Why not put your feet up and use our expert cleaning service or our speedy ironing service. You’ll be surprised as to how little it costs. Why not check out our Cleaning Pricing and the Areas We Cover.

The Hell-Fire Caves – A Spooky Adventure

The weather is on the turn and it’ll soon be time to start exploring the Chiltern Hills once more. Before you do that – why not head down to The Hell-Fire Caves in West Wycombe? A tour down the Caves takes you along deep winding passages which extend over a quarter of a mile underground and lead past various small chambers to the Banqueting Hall, and then further down over the River Styx. According to mythology this River separated the living world from the Underworld. You finally reach the Inner Temple are are now some three hundred feet beneath St Lawrence’s Church with its Golden Ball on the top of the hill.
Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for our resident ghosts, Sukie and Paul Whitehead.

Adults – £7.50
Children – £6 (under threes go free)
Concessions – £6 (inc Students & National Trust members)
Family tickets (Max 2 adults and 2 children) – £20
For Group bookings of 20 or more people, please contact 01494 533739





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