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It’s that time of year when we are faced with a cleaning challenge whether we use a cleaning service or not- and that challenge is MUD!

If you want to know how clean mud off fabrics, then we can help! So, you have a few options. We always say, invest in a pre-treatment. There are many of these magical liquids out there and they really can help to loosen the soil particles away from the fibres. This saves money on running an expensive spin cycle that doesn’t get perfect results the first time.  So, apply the pre-treatments and let it settle in. Then you can then wash at 40 degrees, and get the item on the line or in the dryer. If you are working with a satin, wool or another delicate fabric, then try a spoon or a toothbrush on the fabric face. Be gentle, and press rather than drag!  Meths can work to release the soil, or you can again get a specialist pre-treatment – check it suits the fabric you are working with. Apply and then rinse with a soft detergent. Be prepared to gently go at this garment a few more times – slow and steady wins the race!

If you love cleaning yourself, or indeed if you’re using our cleaning or ironing service, you’ll be all set to do something fun with your weekends that doesn’t involve going over a muddy sofa or muddy top – so we’ve come up with a great family day out.

If you want somewhere FREE to visit that’s just a few miles away from Beaconsfield and can tire out any little ones – then you should definitely get those wellies on and head down to Ray Mill Island.

At 16,442 sqm or 1.6 hectares, this has all the space you need for a great day out.
Operating for the whole year, this park and playground is the ideal place to let kids between 3 – 8 years run wild! With animals like Guinea pigs and birds, dramatic bronze statues and the café full of tasty snacks, there’s a lot to keep everyone occupied and it’s easy to get to.

Guinea Pigs

Animal lovers will like the budgerigars, lovebirds and macaws as well as the normal fowl roaming the area! There are also squirrels too that might be on the lookout for a snack…(Don’t feed them unless you can afford to lose a finger..)
It’s also well worth taking respite from any adverse weather  (or just taking a paper down) to ‘Boulters bar’ for a comfy sofa seat, access to great food and a view across the Thames. You can watch the canal boats go by and then walk to the end and take a look at the waterfall on the lock, maybe stopping to enjoy an ice-cream from the kiosk en-route if it’s not too cold.

Based at the site of an old family flour mill (the family name is Ray) this millstone has a location next to a huh running river. If it’s a bit flooded out, then you might want to call and check if it’s still okay to make the trip down.

Boulters Lock And Ray

When you park, go near the Boulters Lock and take the bridge through Ray Mead road. It’s signposted, but don’t forget some thick boots so no one gets soggy feet!We hope that you’ve been enjoying lots of family events. This time is so precious – so if you want to make the most of  the time together – speak to us about our cleaning services. It costs less than you think and makes so much difference!  Click here to contact us.





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