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If you love cleaning yourself, or if your new years resolution is to try and enjoy it a bit more then this is the ideal time to have found our blog!

The truth is, that no one particularly likes that first session of cleaning after the Christmas period- especially if you had guests around- there is no doubt all your bedding and towels are in great need of a full clean, not to mention the bedrooms and if you are extremely naughty–all of the pans too.

We’ve done the maths and we estimate that using our handy tip, you can get those frying pans that you just don’t want to tackle sparkling in under 10 minutes. All you need to do is fill the pans with a layer of water and just a cap full of vinegar and bring the pan to the boil. You can use all four hobs if you left that many! After it has boiled remove the heat and put in a teaspoon of baking soda. You then simply leave this for five minutes then tackle the pan as normal – taking care of any nonstick coatings. If something is still stuck on, add a little more dry baking soda and try again. Easy! As we mentioned if you’re using a cleaning service you can skip all of this and leave it to us if that’s the case why not enjoy the New Year feeling with a nice day out. Our pick is to go to The Rye.

Based in centre high Wycombe tucked away close to the shopping area on the main high street this 22 hectic park resides. It is actually the second largest park in the area, and whilst you might associate the park with the summer months – if you don’t mind donning some willies winter coats and perhaps taking an umbrella or two, you can let the children enjoy the playground football pitches or head out to the stretch open water. Head down the way and you’ll see fisherman around the lake, people enjoying pleasure craft which can be hired at the West End of the lake- and you can spot things like waterfalls, flowing streams as well as the leisure facilities like the gym tennis courts. The real attraction here is the open air pool – and because it’s completely heated, there’s no need to grab your wetsuit!). The Rye is completely free to get into, although swimming costs around £4 per child and £6 per adult.

Whilst you are then you can also enjoy the soft play toddler world area the on-site creche and childcare facilities- great if you need a bit of a break!

We had a look at the opening hours and you can attend for Monday to Thursday from six till 10 Friday six till nine and Saturday and Sunday from eight till seven they even open on bank holidays from eight until six. The postcode is HP11 1QX -why not take a look and see what’s on it could be a great day out and it makes a change from cleaning. Here at Belle Casa we would like to wish all our customers a very happy 2017 and we hope this is the year that you enjoy even more special memories – and less time cleaning!





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