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Here at Belle Casa, we love pets of all shapes and sizes, but the one question we always get faced with is to remove unwanted pet hair from EVERY surface of the house! If you have a pet, you know that you are signing up for years of having pet hair all over your jumpers, sofa, sheets, trousers, carpets, socks, chairs, bedding –  It gets EVERYWHERE!

Lint Rollers try their best, but there are a couple of major issues: the washable ones are a giant pain and the disposable ones are really bad for the environment. They always made me feel like I was creating an enormous amount of waste. So… what to do?



Belle Casa’s Pet Hair Removal Top Tip!

At Belle Casa, we have all the tips and tricks, and we thought we would share this one with you – a slightly damp pair of rubber gloves! Yes, that’s it!

Due to an influx of natural cleaners, many homes don’t keep rubber gloves around like they used to, but they may very well be the easiest, cheapest and most economical way to remove pet hair from all of the places it gets. If you don’t own any, you might want to pick some up.  

There’s no trick or gimmick with this tried and true method of pet hair removal. All you need is a pair of typical rubber gloves found in the cleaning aisle at your local supermarket. Simply submerge your hands in warm water and the pet hair will unstick and float on top of the water for you to gather and dispose of. 

You can, of course, remove the excess pet hair without water, but we’ve always been fans of the quickest and easiest method possible, and from experience, I can say this works like a charm.


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So, what should you do with all the free time that you will save from not having to run around the house with an undersized lint roller? Well… Belle Casa have you covered here too! Every month, we look at a fun activity for that all-important time with the little ones.

This month, we invite you to hook out your eye-patch and set sail for Mr Mulligan’s Pirate Golf Course in Milton Keynes.



Follow the Stormy Seas to Amazing Fun!

The course has 18 holes to navigate while perfecting your putting. You won’t find smooth sailing here, though! The way is crowded with rafts to duck, huge pirate ships, waterfalls to dive through and even cannons blasting your ball across treacherous lakes. Only if you survive these will you then come face-to-face with their resident crocodile, lurking beneath the waters… A great day out for pirate and golf enthusiasts alike!

If you make it back without being made to walk the plank, wonderful pirate grub is waiting for you within the Clubhouse at Abbey Hill just a pirate ship-length away from the last hole.

They even let you take your pets there, so they can leave pet hair everywhere there too! (Maybe let them know how you get all that fluff up, too, and be the most popular pirate who ever lived!)


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