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What’s happening with the Great British Summer? First, we had the heatwave, and we all enjoyed hanging our washing up outside for that fresh scent. Now – it’s all turned a bit patchy. But never mind! If you love house cleaning and domestic chores our tips have you covered. The tip this month is if the sun does come back is to take the chance and clean out any stained Tupperware. The suns rays are surprisingly effective! After washing the containers in the sink with dish soap and warm water, place them on a clean tea towel in the sun. Let them enjoy a bit of basking for around eight hours before rinsing and drying.

If it’s a dull day – take a look around the home for any colouring ‘mishaps!’ You might not know that cleaning sprays can stain your walls. However using a white, normal (non-gel) toothpaste with baking soda can gently ‘exfoliate’ the area. Just apply with a clean toothbrush, scrub or buff in, and wipe away the residue with a clean, damp cloth.

Just 5 miles away from Beaconsfield is the Chiltern Open Air Museum, and if you have children that could do with some mental stimulation, especially during the Summer holidays, this might be a great choice for you.

The Museum has been spotted on film before – adults will be inspired by its feature in Downton Abbey, whilst younger minds might be more keen to hear that this is where they have filmed some of CBBC’s Horrible Histories!

Based on a 45-acre site the Chiltern Open Air Museum is a great day out for families and stands as a little ‘time capsule’. There are around 30 rescued historic buildings on display, including homes from the Iron Age the prefab look of the 1940s prefab, a Victorian earth cottage and even a blacksmith’s forge.
Whilst it’s historic, the museum was keen to add in toys and games, models and has even fitted a playground that’s a child-friendly paradise.
We’d recommend an agenda with an exploration of the woodland trail, encouraging children to take on some of the activities. They can then head to the adventure playground and explore the ‘playable’ versions of the houses that are on display which will certainly ensure when they get round to seeing the historic homes that they’re interested and engaged.

The museum really comes into its own during the school holidays and the Museum holds Terrific Tuesdays – events based on family crafting, games and more.

  • 2nd August has a theme of Ruby Tuesday where children can make all things red! From jewelled Anglo Saxon style broaches as well as draw-string purses, 3d ladybirds and red paper flowers – this is set to be a great creative morning!
  • 9th August covers Sports & Games, and young visitors are able to play croquet, try welly wanging and also have a go on a vintage bike! A great way to step back a few centuries for a classic sports day!
  • 16th August is ‘Growing Things’. guests can make a scarecrow, try their hand at pond dipping and take part in an animal trail before doing some vegetable printing.
  • 23rd August will be a classic 1940s Make do and Mend activity, with lots of changes to try rag rug making, decoupaging and cleaning and making – just like grandma would! There’s even a chance to cook!

The weekends are jam-packed too – for example on the 6th August you can meet the riflemen of Wellington’s Army from the Napoleonic Wars – where else could you say that would happen?

If hunger strikes, take a trip to the Tea Room for a tea, coffee, slice of cakes, soup or an ice cream all at great prices.

After that, why not take a trip to the working farm? You can see the chickens, goats, sheep, horses and cows that play a huge part in the upkeep of the farm.

During the Summer through to autumn, the museum is open from 10 am – 5 pm and with tickets for an adult at £10 and a child for £6.50 (under 4’s are free), this is the ideal choice for any family wanting to take an educational but fun trip in Beaconsfield!

We hope you’ve got a great Summer planned – if you want to make your house just perfect so you can enjoy the sun when it’s out, then get in touch! Click here to contact us.  You can also visit the Chiltern Open Air Museum website here.





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