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When you think of Baking Soda, what springs to mind? Your thoughts might have immediately turned to the delicious and tummy rumble-inducing smell of freshly baking bread or muffins. Hmmm. As Buckinghamshire’s primary Domestic Cleaning Service, however, we see Baking Soda slightly differently!

Most people know that Baking Soda has a certain magical power in the world of cleaning, but it can be difficult to keep track of exactly what this clever cleaning contraption can do! Belle Casa are here for you! Here, we look at the top 5 uses for Baking Soda around the home!


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Baking Soda – Sprinkle Some Magic into your Cleaning!

Unblock a Clogged Sink

If your bathroom sinks have got filled up the hair or your kitchen drains are not draining away because of food waste, there is only one product to reach for! Pour one part baking soda, followed by one part vinegar down it, then cover with a wet cloth as the two react with one another to clean the drain naturally. Wait five minutes and then run some hot water to clear it.


Stop Shoes Smelling

If your trainers, walking boots or day shoes have seen one too many sweaty hikes and you have noticed they are getting a tad whiffy, it’s an easy problem to remedy. Sprinkle some baking soda into smelly shoes and allow them to rest – preferably overnight. Job Done!


Clean your Dishwasher

Keeping your dishwasher in good working order will save you lots of money in the long-term, and it’s easy to do. Before you set the dishwasher off, simply shake baking soa onto a damp sponge and wipe it around the edges of your dishwasher to remove any food residue.  This will not only keep it nice and shiny, but also help it to perform better long term.


Make a Natural Cleaning Product

Feel like a money-saving magician with this easy-peasy recipe. Just mix four tablespoons of baking soda and a litre of warm water to make a cheap and natural all-purpose cleaner.  Use liberally on your surfaces, floors and anywhere else that’s in need of a scrub.


Clean Your Chopping Board

Our chopping boards get a lot of use, from joints of meat and fillets of fish to cutting up fruit and vegetables most evenings. So it’s no wonder they end up looking a bit tired. Fresh Lemons are great for lifting stains from chopping boards, as well as removing any smells. However, Lemon is a very strong smell and flavour so add some (yes, you guessed it!) baking soda to it for the freshest smelling and bacteria-killing wash.


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Now that we have let another industry slip, why not spend some of that glorious free time saved from cleaning on a fun, family activity? Today, we look at the Chiltern Open Air Museum in Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire.

A Wonderful Day Out for the Whole Family

The award-winning Chiltern Open Air Museum is a great day out for families, with a 45-acre site to run around and explore. There are over 30 rescued historic buildings on display, including an Iron Age House, 1940s prefab, Victorian earth cottage and blacksmith’s forge.



Families can explore the woodland trail and can even borrow a backpack full of activities for children to enjoy whilst on site. Visitors are encouraged to touch and explore the buildings and artefacts. There are plenty of opportunities to dress up, play with historic toys and games, build models of the barns and lots of space to run around and discover.

The Museum has a historic working farm that is home to chickens, goats, sheep, cows, heavy horses and farm cats and is run using traditional farming techniques and equipment.

They also host a programme of exciting events throughout the year, including Roman Gladiators, Ragged Victorians and Vicious Vikings. It takes part in ‘Museums at Night’ and opens for a special magical nighttime opening in May with an Enchanted theme and a night of Halloween fun in October.

The Museum is a popular filming venue and has been used in the filming of CBBC’s Horrible Histories, Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife!


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