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At Belle Casa, we know that the vacuum cleaner is one of the biggest and most valuable tools you have in your house cleaning arsenal. here are many different types of vacuum cleaners available on the market, all with their own set of pros and cons. So if you need a vacuum cleaner, then it would behoove you to do the proper research and start cleaning. However, for the sake of this article, we’re going to assume that you already own a vacuum cleaner and go right into three top tips on how to use it like a pro!

  1. Choose the Right Setting

This might sound really obvious, but is something missed by a lot of people – you should use different settings on your device depending on the surface you are cleaning! If you have a shaggy carpet, for example, you will definitely want to use a different setting than if you are cleaning a hardwood floor. In this case, adjusting the height of your vacuum cleaner.

By adjusting the height of your vacuum cleaner, you will ensure you get the best suction possible. This means that you will achieve a better clean and you will also be more efficient. Yes, that means that vacuuming your floor will take LESS TIME!

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  1. Dust Other Areas of the Home First

When you are cleaning, it is smart to dust the blinds, baseboards, and higher objects before you start vacuuming the floors. This is because when you dust your home, you will stir up the dust that has settled on the many surfaces. The dust that you were unable to capture with a rag or duster will eventually settle back down, much of which will settle on the floor.

This is when you start vacuuming. Not only will you capture the dust that settled, but you will help get the dirt that is already in the carpet. If you vacuum before dusting, you may end up having to vacuum the floors again once the dust settles!

Belle Casa is Buckinghamshire and Berkshire Number 1 Domestic Cleaning Service! GET IN TOUCH today for a no-quibble Quote!

  1. Focus on Hard-to-Clean Areas

Some areas of your home are more difficult to vacuum than others – fact! Some of these include the coat closet or the stairs. While it may be tempting to quickly clean these areas, it is often better to focus more of your time on them, especially if these hard-to-clean areas get a lot of foot traffic. Spending extra time on these areas will bring the best results and make all the difference. Take advantage of any strategy that makes these areas easier.

When you are vacuuming the stairs, for example, we would recommend using the various attachments that come with your vacuum cleaner. This will not only help you clean the many crevices and edges of the carpet on your stairs, but they will also prevent you from being forced to carry your heavy device and roll it on each step. These attachments may even provide a deeper clean since many of them are designed to tackle furniture, stairs and other hard-to-clean surfaces.


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So there you have it – our top three tips to make vacuuming easier and, hopefully, less time-consuming. But let’s not beat around the bush – vacuuming your home sucks (no pun intended) Why not speak to Belle Casa today and let us do the hard work for you?

Belle Casa is Buckinghamshire and Berkshire Number 1 Domestic Cleaning Service! GET IN TOUCH today for a no-quibble Quote!

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Belle Casa is Buckinghamshire and Berkshire Number 1 Domestic Cleaning Service! GET IN TOUCH today for a no-quibble Quote!

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